Casino games

Casino games

Any player, before going to the casino, should master at least the basics and general rules of gambling, which are waiting for him there. You can learn all the nuances just before the game, at the moment you sat at the table: in different countries there are certain game subtleties, which very often differ among themselves. But such popular gambling as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker is a well-established classic. Changes in them can be, unequivocally, but it is rather an exception to the rules than common practice.

The main game attributes are a gambling table, a deck of cards and chips. In the vast majority of games, the guest of the house plays against the dealer. But there are some types of poker where players compete for a cash prize between themselves. The main goals pursued by visitors to gambling houses are a desire to experience an adrenaline splash and feel the atmosphere of excitement, fun pastime and … the opportunity to break a big jackpot! If the first two points are received by everyone, then in order to increase their chances of a solid win, it is worth to thoroughly understand the rules of the game.

Without a doubt, blackjack is the most popular casino card game. One of the main factors that attracts thousands of visitors to the tables on blackjack is the relative simplicity of the game. The rules are extremely simple: collect 21 points and you are the winner! Any ace is 11 or 1 point (depending on the situation), cards with other pictures and scores are estimated at 10 points, the card’s value with the number is equal to the number of points that the player will receive for this card.

There is a firm expression that it is roulette – it’s the queen of gambling. With this, it’s hard not to agree, because often around roulette tables a real hype is created!

To play roulette on a special table set the wheel, the holes in the last are numbered from 0 to 36. The main secret of a good roulette is the minimum friction during rotation. After the dealer has accepted all bets, he throws a ball on the untwisted wheel. Balls are often made of ivory, and Teflon specimens are often found. Then the croupier announces the number of the cell where the ball stopped its movement – the bets on this figure are winning.

They play poker most often. This famous card game has a huge number of varieties, many of which can now be found not only in gambling houses, but also on the Internet. The main variations of poker, which you can find in the casino:

Oasis Stud Poker

Russian Poker

6 Cards / 3 Cards Poker

European Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker