Gambling. How not to lose everything

Attracted by easy-money-making, all the blinding lights which can be seen from the very Las Vegas or for any other reasons your path lays to casino. It the place, where results cannot be predicted, though you still believe and try to the end. The weakness of manipulation victim is bared too late, you money is gone, what about you? You’re gone too far, too, again. Gambling spreads your latent heat within your body, you came to satisfy your desires or maybe needs, but cannot stop wanting more. Your limits are crossed, but did you really have them? Start drawing the lines now, because all we know what playing with fire can end with.

  1. Principles, make them indestructible. You should say to yourself, just before you come to casino, there’s the point, when you reach it – it will mean the end of game whatever happens. This will keep you in check, tame your wilderness which is always awake during such procession.
  2. Don’t let manipulation break you. This advice is closely connected with previous one. Sure casino, even the richest, isn’t interested in giving, only in taking money. So if croupier is present when you lose or win, his next  words will be said to make you stay and try your fortune again. Do not let it happen! Your decision must be over everyone’s convincing.
  3. Betting little by little. Try not to risk a lot, even if today your fate promises success, huge wining, etc. You have no guarantee it is truth and may regret about it for a long time. Not to spend your future days through self-flagellation feeling, you better avoid it.
  4. Play games which depend on you, not fortune. Automates are cool and easy to play, they do not need your brain activity at all, or just brain or even you. What happens is totally in soulless mechanism competency. But Black Jack or poker wasn’t cancelled, so. These are the games which give you chance, because everybody involved is real human, who wants the same. Card games are the ones in which fortune and you play equal roles, even if you lose some – it will be fair at least.